At Quill, Fork, & Cork,

we celebrate forgotten gastronomic terroirs:

the traditions and environmental forces that once shaped local food- and drinkways. By connecting food and beverage creations to compelling historical narratives and actors,

we help creators and distributors to set themselves apart from their competitors.


After combing through archival sources, material culture and folklore, we partner with chefs, distillers, brewers, distributors, restauranteurs and companies to turn our research into groundbreaking new products.


Then we pivot to the marketing side of the equation. We craft true stories that employees and customers will love to tell and retell, the sort of tales that bring people back for another taste.



Rachel Louise Martin, PhD -- Quill, Fork, & Cork's principal consultant -- is a historian and writer who has published essays in O Magazine, the Atlantic online,

Oxford American, CityLab and Bitter Southerner (and as a writer with a PhD, she is also an experienced front-of-house staff member). "How Hot Chicken Really Happened" was included in Cornbread Nation 2015: The Best of Southern Food Writing.

Hot, Hot Chicken: A Nashville Story

will debut March 15, 2021. 

Hot Hot Chicken Book Cover.jpg

Now available for pre-order!

Hot, Hot Chicken recounts the history of Nashville's Black communities through the story of its hot chicken scene from the Civil War, when Nashville became a segregated city, through the tornado that ripped through North Nashville in March 2020.

​"Focusing on a single dish and the branches of the Prince family who created it, Rachel Louise Martin uses Nashville's signature, world-famous hot chicken to guide us through the history of a quintessential southern American town. This book serves as a comprehensive guide to a great city and to the people who were positively influenced by the very African American culture it sought, so often, to undermine. The delicacy of hot chicken is a thread between two cultures and gives historical perspective to this culinary craze."

--Carla Hall, chef and author of Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration