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At Quill, Fork, & Cork, we are reinventing the culinary scene by:

Researching lost culinary traditions

Rediscovering their creators and unique environments

Reimagining those products for today

Retelling their stories in creative ways that inspire both customers and staff

We celebrate

forgotten gastronomic terroirs:

the traditions and

environmental forces that

once shaped local ways of

eating and drinking.

By connecting today's food and beverage creations to compelling historical narratives and actors, we help creators and distributors to set themselves apart from their competitors.

First we search for sources, digging deep to uncover the stories other people have missed.


We're the sort of folks who love the silence of the archives but also get out in the field, talking to the people who have lived (and cooked) in an area for generations. We know how to get creative with our research, combining newspaper clippings with folklore and oral histories with crumbling recipe books.

After identifying the forgotten stories of food and drink, we partner with chefs, distillers, brewers, distributors, restauranteurs and companies to turn our research into groundbreaking new products.


Then we pivot to the marketing side of the equation. We craft true stories that employees and customers will love to tell and retell, the sort of tales that bring people back for another taste.

To learn more about what we can do for your business, contact us today.

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